BORMIOLI ROCCO enters in the market of glassblock and presents its new collection "AGUA", of the "PRESTIGE" line designed by Alessandro and Francesco Mendini.
After just a year of production of glass blocks in the Spanish factory located a few kilometers from Madrid, the Bormioli Rocco Group presents this wonderful collection created by a thorough study that the brothers Mendini conducted starting from the observation of one of the elements most fascinating in nature: water.

Water is an essential element, that have always aroused many emotions, sometimes conflicting.
From the innovative strategy that Bormioli is developing in this sector, it born the new glass block "AGUA" that incorporates and conveys these emotions.
Sensual, eclectic, is intended to replace the traditional design: the wavy.

The glassblock installed horizontally evokes the serenity of the gentle flow of the tides ..., in vertical a delicate disturbance of a heavy downpour.

The "PRESTIGE-AGUA" line is available in different variations easily and nicely matched:

neutro, neutro sandblasted, Perlado, Polinesia,  caribe y lluvia.

for more information:  (34) 949 348 215