“It tooks me time to understand my water lilies...
One does not fully appreciate landscape in one day...
And than, suddendly, I had a revelation... I took my palette.
From this moment, I have had almost  no other model”

Claude Monet

The design is inspired by the Water (Agua).
Colored glassblocks installed with wisdom, in majestic walls, evoking the brush strokes of a painter.
Then a bookcase, which seems moving, able to surprise thanks its alluring curves.

This is the magic of "Agua" and "Dune".

And like painting and architecture are often inspired by the movements of Nature, today, "Agua" and "Dune" become exclusive elements to create new and trendy settings.
The collection of glassblocks "Agua" and the bookcase "Dune" are waiting you in the Bormioli Rocco Glassblock booth (35 N2-P1), from  1 to 5 February at the Valencia ceramics exhibition "CEVISAMA" 2016.