Naranja B-Q 19 O

Verde B-Q 19 O

Rojo B-Q 19 O

Indigo B-Q 19 O

Antracita B-Q 19 O

Oro B-Q 19 O

Amatista B-Q 19 O

 "Reflejos" is the new glass blocks line of Bormioli Rocco glassblock “Pure” range, that, thanks to the application on the wings of a special paint with special color pigments, enhance the purity of transparent glass, highlighting the brilliance with soft and refined colored light reflections.

Available in the wavy version in different colored reflections (Antracita, Indigo, Naranja, Amatista, Oro, Verde, Rojo), this processing really allows to have countless glass bricks "Reflejos", being able to combine any pattern (cross ribbed, parallel lines, vintage, pure ...) and any shape (square, rectangular, terminals, etc.) with any color, even for small production lots.